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    Our Mission

    Use our amazingly dry, hot summers and excellent water source to produce highest quality hay for many kinds of ruminants, including horses. Quality is measured for horses primarily by low sugar (WSC <10), which is now understood to be the main threat underlying many health problems. Fine quality hay is health preventive, costs less than the additions of supplements to poor hay, and is produced using sound environmental practices. No rain, no mold, no waste, no disappointment!

    Our Values

    Healthy animals, happy owners, sound land and water management

    Our Solution

    Investment in pivot irrigation for lowest water use and uniform moisture for reducing plant stress ….which helps keep weeds out and results in low sugar content. Accredited by government for good land and water management. No use of biowaste or liquified manures which could compromise the health of the soils or the animals. Long term customers, hay resellers and recommendations by veterinary professionals ensure us an evolving source of feedback, information and education for continual improvement. Assist clients to solve access/delivery issues when needed.

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